Excellent, hard workers.
Guys were excellent, hard workers. He is thorough and accommodating. They also well equipped and spent almost 2 hours cleaning our ducts with brushes, vacuums, etc. What a difference to the air in our house! Would recommend PDC to anyone looking to do this kind of work

My husband and I lived in our condo for 4 years never had any problem. Recently we leased the unit and my tenants called saying that the dryer takes 3 hours to dry. I send my regular plumber that i knew for years to clean the vent and he said there's a serious fire hazard problem--- "pulled out insulation and construction debris, found line dropped and disconnected" ----"recommended new vent line extremely" ---quoted the repair job $500-$1000--- And paid the guy $170 nothing is fixed!!! Soon, I contacted my HOA hoping that they would send someone out to inspect it since it's a serious problem. But after 3 long weeks no vendor is out.

I couldn't wait any longer and found PDC online with many great reviews and decided to have them to take a second look. In no time they were at our condo cleaning and fixing the issue. THANK YOU THANK YOU!


PDC are fantastic!

They came on time, and worked through each room cleaning each duct. They also cleaned the inside of the furnace, replaced the filter, and sprayed in some sanitizer so it doesn't smell like burnt dust or metal. They did a great job, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to have their ducts, dryer vents, kitchen exhaust, or chimney cleaned.


I just want to tell you how pleased i am…
I just want to tell you how pleased i am with the work you did cleaning the ducts in my home. I have had them cleaned twice before and i never could get heat to the back of my house. So for years we went without heat in our den. I would certainly recommend your name to any future clients.

Great Job!
I am very happy with the service from PDC. James arrived on time and did a great job. He took the time to really clean all of my A/C Heat system.

Having read the reviews, I really did not know what to expect. They were delayed in arriving but I received a call, apologizing and given the revised ETA which was really only fifteen minutes. Gil and Richard were polite, careful with their equipment and worked efficiently. My only issue was that I didn't know half of my vents were riveted down and couldn't be removed. They explained the ones they could get to were part of a 'pair' and that they felt they had really done the best the they could do. This was a good deal!
Teresa was super-knowledgeable, worked quickly/efficiently, and she was willing to explain A/C to me as long as I had questions. Fixed it!


Excellent service!

They did a wonderful job at our home, the air is fresh and clean again, TY !

The gal that came was GREAT; highly knowledgeable and got it done!

Professional and fast

They were late and there was no call as to inform us. They were thorough when they showed up however, a professional courtesy call would have been in order. My husband and I had appointments that day.

Great job with cleaning out our vents.


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